Kenton has been training, fighting and teaching Muay Thai since starting in 1994. Kenton started at proactive kickboxing and after achieving his black belt equivalent move to concentrating on fighting, first under national champion Daniel Saunders then moving to Sitnarong, school of the legendary grand master Sken.

After finishing microbiology and chemistry at Canterbury university ,Kenton moved to Auckland and trained under Jason Suttie for a year until moving out east where he took over the fight training at phantom kickboxing and trained several students to national titles.

Two years ago Kenton decided to broaden his game by learning ground fighting and wrestling under Hamish and Van at AMMA, and is currently an active blue belt on the BJJ mat. Kenton has a kick boxing record of 6 wins, 2 losses and one draw and one loss by points in A-class MMA early in his grappling days.

Kenton is a station officer in charge of a station with the New Zealand Fire Service and through work has level 4 qualifications in adult learning and supervising training drills. As Kenton has advance first aid training he seconds Hamish at ring and cage fights where he gives stand up advice and performs as the cut man.

Kenton Rushbridge