Auckland MMA Pricing
$25.00 Joining Fee

Weekly Memberships

All weekly memberships are via direct credit through Debitsuccess, Click the link beside option to join up online

12 Month Contract  $35.00 per week – Join Now

6 month Contract $40.00 per week – Join Now

No Contract $45.00 per week – Join Now

  • Once you have joined you can change your payment to fortnightly or monthly by contacting debitsuccess

Cash Memberships pay up front

12 months $1547.00

6 months $884.00

3 months $497.00

Concession Cards

10 Classes $175.00 (valid 6 months)

Emergency Services Discount Price

(Police, Fire, Ambulance and Armed Services)

Please email or talk to reception for discounted rate

Kids and Teens MMA Membership

Kids 7-12yrs $22.00 per week

Kids 13-17yrs $22.00 per week

See Kids and Teens MMA page for details

Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Kids 5-7yrs $30.00 per week

Kids 8-13yrs $30.00 per week

Teens 14-17yrs $30.00 per week (training with Adults) Join Now

See Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu page for details

  • Our prices are fixed and we do not do special deals, please do not ask
  • Our age groups for kids are fixed, if your child is not in the age group they will not be allowed to join the class. Please do not ask us to make exceptions 

Adult Membership Entitlements and Required Equipment

Membership at Auckland MMA entitles a member to do all Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes, Womans only classes(woman only of course), MMA Fundamentals classes and more when a member progress’s and meets requirements they can attend the higher level MMA classes and Kickboxing Pad Classes

It is expected that all new MMA members will purchase 16oz boxing gloves, handwraps and mouthguard in the first month of training. When you start the General MMA classes you should also have Groin guard and shin pads. All gear required is sold at the gym

Anyone wishing to participate in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes needs to buy a Gi suitable for BJJ within the first month of training, we sell Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi’s at Gym

When training at Auckland MMA we expect our members to be respectful of all other members and take care with your training partners to avoid injury. We also expect people to turn up to training clean and have clean training cloths and wear shoes to training to avoid dirty mats.

We reserve the right to cancel any membership if someone deliberately hurts or intimidates another member or damage Auckland MMA’s reputation

If you have any questions about training feel free to ask our coaches and if you would like to progress quicker through the fundamentals, learn faster or do some extra fitness sessions we offer 1 on 1 training with our coaches ask Hamish or Van for more information.