The Fundamentals MMA class is open to the absolute beginner who needs a solid foundation of basic techniques of MMA. It is a structured 12-week program to cover all basic techniques involved in the Beginners, Intermediate, and Fighters MMA classes. All new members wanting to join the MMA classes must first go through the MMA Fundamentals course. The program restarts every 12 weeks to ensure that no one misses specific weeks of techniques. New members can start the course at any point during the course.

The General MMA class is for those who have knowledge of the fundamental techniques. We will teach you how to combine and apply the techniques of MMA Standup, Wrestling, and Grappling. You will learn standard techniques for MMA fighting, wrestling, and grappling. Students are given partner drills. Drills include clinch work, basic takedowns, takedown defence, and ground and pound. Students are given drills that help them with the transition from standup to ground fighting. Topics covered include submission, sweeps, escapes, and ground and pound, which is a mix of BJJ, submission wrestling and striking.

The Fundamentals Kickboxing teaches the basic techniques of punching, kicking, knees, head movement, and footwork. Correct technique is emphasized. Proficiency in this course is required for attendance to the Advanced Kickboxing course.


The Advanced Kickboxing is by invite only when the student has gained enough knowledge in Kickboxing techniques. It assumes that the member is proficient at all techniques taught in the General class, and teaches more advanced techniques in MMA. Required equipment for this class are 16 oz gloves, headgear, mouthguard, shin pads, and groin protectors (men only). Gear must be brought to each class.

The Fighter’s Class is by invite only, geared for those training to fight and for students who have sufficient experience to be involved in fighter training. The class involves high intensity conditioning and sparring. Fighters are expected to know and understand basic techniques of striking, grappling, and wrestling. All fighters must have mouthguard, groin guard, shin gear and 16-ounce sparring gloves. Headgear is optional. Fighter’s gear must be brought to each class.

The Kickboxing Pads class is open to all levels. It is designed to drill the basic kickboxing techniques to the point of exhaustion, which greatly improves a person’s endurance and fitness levels. All members are encouraged to attend these classes.

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